Joyance  Drones


African Drone Solutions is an authorized Shandong Joyance Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (Joyance Tech) dealer with exclusive distribution rights for Africa. (See the certificate below.)


Joyance Tech is renowned for their quality and highly functional sprayer drones for the agricultural industry. These drones are particularly beneficial in the African context and for the continent’s specific requirements as it offers accessible, flexible and economical solutions to enhance agricultural output, also in regions with under-developed infrastructure.

1. Joyance Tech Sprayer and Surveillance Drones

Please scroll down to view the Joyance Tech sprayer and surveillance drone models in our agricultural range and to request a quotation.

* Pricing subject to ZAR/USD exchange rate.

2. Joyance JT6-1100 Long Endurance Surveillance Drone

* Pricing subject to ZAR/USD exchange rate.

3. Videos

Joyance 10L demonstration in Upington, South Africa

Joyance thermal fogger drone spraying trees

Structure introduction: Joyance Tech Sprayer Drone

Unfolding the Sprayer Drone

How to fold the Sprayer Drone

Contents in packing case

Sequence of power on and power off

Preparation before takeoff 

RC Basic operation & Manual operation

How to use the BB buzzer

AB mode operation

APP autonomous operation

Granule spreader operation

4. Joyance Spares

In the drone industry the availability of spares is of the utmost importance. We have the backing of Joyance Tech with access to a full range of spares which can be ordered and supplied in a short turnaround time.


Please click the link below to view the recommended spares list for Joyance sprayer drones:


5. More information

Pricing subject to ZAR/USD exchange rate.

Click on the list below to view or download more information:


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